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Lax Rat Challenge

Lax Rat Wall of Fame

2016 Challenge

*** Ryan Bremer (King Rat) - 3359 Minutes

Grey Belt- Two Year

Andrew Murphy Casey McKenna Jack Stanney
Braden Gioseffi Connor McKenna Mason Bolster
Cam Talman Jack Faiola Mason Lloyd
Casey Herod    

Red Belt - One Year

Damyan Lovejoy Jack Tanoory Ryan Bremer
Eric Platten Marsh Bolster Ryan McKeegan
Jamie Hackett Dom Comella   


2015 Challenge

***Mason Lloyd (The Big Rat!) 2100 Minutes

Red Belt - One Year

Aaron D'Agostino Daniel Urlacher Joey Urlacher
Ainsley Currie Dawson Lovejoy Logan Currie
Andrew Boseck Dom Comella  Lucas Hyer
Andrew Murphy Eli Hyer Mark Belles
Aries Martin Ethan Palmer Mason Bolster
Braden Gioseffi Ethan Rheude Matt Belles
Brady Comella Jack Faiola Max Eckdahl
Cam Tallman Jack Stanney Mike Cichetti
Casey Herod Jackson Grant Mikey Belles
Casey McKenna Jackson Nieman Nate Whyte
Charlie Cheney Jamie Hackett Nico Nicoletti
Connor McKenna Jared Jorolemon Spin Blazak
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