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History of Canandaigua Youth Lacrosse

The first official year of Canandaigua Youth Lacrosse was in the spring of 1996. It was the vision of Ed Mulheron and Randy Groot after spending the previous three summers standing in an outfield for little league baseball. The original group of youth players encompassed two teams. One 5th/6th grade team with approximately 25 players and one 3rd/4th grade team with approximately 22 players. The coaching staff of that first group of youth participants consisted of Ed Mulheron, Randy Groot, Ken Buck, Jack Littzleman, Shawn Flemming, Tim Money and Rick Groot. The coaching staff under the guidance of Head Lacrosse Coach John Johnson focused on the fundamentals of the game. The philosophy was to get as many youth in the city of Canandaigua playing lacrosse as possible.

Today there are over 150 Canandaigua boys in grades K-6 playing for Canandaigua in the Rochester Area Lacrosse League each year. The program is administered by the Youth Lacrosse Advisory Board and is supported by, and supports, the Canandaigua Lacrosse Booster Club.

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